Chunking down step 1

Hengqin International Financial Center, Aedas

– Make 4 points; the first one will have z=300; the others will have in succession X equal to 10, 50, 300

– Use a merge to converge the points into a stream

– Use points to make a control point curve

– Use a perp frame component to obtain planes perpendicular to the curve

– Generate rectangles on the planes you just made, with X and Y dimensions of 30

– Use rectangles to generate a loft

Problems in the process

In step 4 of the perp frame component, I found a parameter value in its input. In the beginning, I had not thought of the need to divide the curve into many points, so only one rectangle appeared and it was not possible to generate a loft. I knew that if I wanted to get a loft through a rectangle, I would need many rectangles on the curve. So I divided the curve and entered it into the parameters and generated the final result.

defects in the geometry

Twisted and Tilted Rectangle


As shown above, the loft is not a regular geometry in the x-axis direction. It is rotated, compressed, and tilted. And it is combined with the main body of the building in the Z-axis in the form of building skin.

next step

  • The building is divided into two parts that are joined together
  • The top part is generally generated by rotating an element by 90 degrees 4 times
  • where the rotating face is smoothly jointed to the lower part of the rotating body