Hengqin International Financial Center

  • Project : Hengqin International Financial Center
  • Location : Zhuhai, China
  • Architect : Aedas
  • Gross Floor Area : 218,955 sq m
  • Completion Year : 2020

KEYS of Hengqin International Financial Center


The main body of this project is a rectangular body elongated along the Y-axis. At the position close to the ground, the rectangle is folded and rotated by 90 degrees. And at this position, it becomes elongated in the X-axis direction.

2. Discretization

This item has a discrete treatment for its glazed curtain wall at a location where the form has changed. The glass facade, which originally consisted of a rectangular shape, becomes composed of several triangular base units. This treatment is applied to the entire rotated section. The natural flow of the facade lines is achieved without creating curved windows by adjusting the angle changes of its fixings.


The frame system is used as a load-bearing structure throughout the main part of the high-rise. Underneath the twisted forms, there is also a visible frame structure for support and load-bearing. This facilitates the creation of open spaces through which people can pass.